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AFRA 2019 Annual Conference

Join us on July 14-16, 2019 for the AFRA Annual Conference in Montreal, Canada! This is the premier conference for those involved with aircraft disassembly, recycling, and end-of-life services. Held in conjunction with the Aviation Suppliers Association (ASA) conference,  the AFRA Annual Conference will provide a forum for discussion of emerging technologies and business initiatives, and feature speakers who are international leaders in the aerospace industry.
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Date: July 14-16, 2019
Location: Montreal, Canada
Hotel Omni Mont-Royal

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Around 700 aircraft are currently retired each year, with that number set to grow in the future. If undertaken in a timely and appropriate manner, decommissioning can allow recovery of a good residual value from re-used parts and recycled material, whilst minimizing environmental and safety risks. Timely retirement is an essential part of the fleet renewal process and today, approximately 90% of aircraft parts can be re-used or recycled.

​​Best Industry Practices for Aircraft Decommissioning
IATA has developed a Best Industry Practices for Aircraft Decommissioning (BIPAD) manual, which aims at providing guidelines for airlines and other aircraft owners and operators to manage aircraft decommissioning in a controlled process, while considering environmental, safety and economic aspects.

The BIPAD manual has been established in a multi-stakeholder group composed of relevant industry stakeholders, namely airlines, aircraft maintenance organizations, leasing companies, aircraft and engine manufacturers, parts traders, disassembling, dismantling and recycling companies and the Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA). The manual covers all phases of the aircraft end-of-life process, from the decision to take an aircraft out of service to the final dismantling, recycling and reuse of parts and considers economic and operational, regulatory and legal, safety and environmental aspects.

To download the BIPAD manual, please click here.

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