AFRA Mission

The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) champions the collective needs of the aviation sector in advancement of environmentally responsible end-of-service practices and realization of circular economy goals, by developing and promoting the safe and sustainable management of components and aircraft.

AFRA’s Core Values:

We amplify the ESG values of our members through our commitment to:

  • Quality: AFRA practices continuous improvement in all activities striving to meet or exceed industry standards and achieve excellence
  • Integrity: AFRA conducts all business transaction lawfully and to the highest ethical standards
  • Safety: AFRA understands the safety of employees, our communities and passengers is paramount, and our practices and standards always promote safety first
  • Inclusion & Collaboration: AFRA strives to include all stakeholders in aviation in all activities conducted by AFRA
  • Global equity: AFRA strives to raise the bar on environmental standards across the globe to ensure no country or region falls behind with respect to end-of-service practices