AFRA offers corporate membership with dues based on the number of employees in the entire company including all affected divisions, subsidiaries and associated joint ventures.

Membership in AFRA is open to businesses and organizations in the following business segments:

  • Companies and persons that remove parts and assemblies from end-of-service aircraft.
  • Companies and persons that recycle metals and other materials that are recovered from end-of-service aircraft, from aircraft maintenance, or from aircraft manufacturing.
  • Aircraft storage facilities actively engaged in monitoring and maintaining the condition of aircraft.
  • Aircraft original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), aircraft owners, aircraft operators, aircraft

AFRA Committees

BMP Development Committee
This committee takes the lead in reviewing the AFRA Best Management Practice for Management of Used Aircraft Parts and Assemblies and for Recycling of Aircraft Materials (BMP) document.

Main project(s):

  • Coordinating member feedback to review and revise AFRA’s BMP manual

Communications Committee: Chairperson Ken Kocialski, CAVU Aerospace, Inc.

This committee works on various projects, including fine-tuning our membership recruitment messaging, contributing photos and content to industry magazine articles, and guiding staff with conference programming selections.

Main project(s):

  • Contributing content for press releases, industry publications, and AFRA platforms
  • Providing feedback with conference topics and speakers
  • Coordinating media partnerships to provide benefits to members (cross-promotion of industry events)

Government Affairs Committee: Chair -To Be Announced
This committee works to better address the policy developments and regulatory issues that impact the aircraft recycling and dismantling industry, and to proactively promote the AFRA Best Management Practices guide. This program is guided by a professional government affairs consultant, with collaboration and participation from the Government Affairs Committee members and AFRA staff.

Main project(s):

  • Focused engagement in EU government affairs
  • Tracking relevant updates and legislation in US, EU, and Canada
  • Engagement with allied industry organizations ICAO, IATA, etc.

Research & Development Committee: Chair – Pete George, Boeing Commercial Airplanes
This committee is in the process of developing a network of AFRA research partners as well as developing its research objectives.

Main project(s):

  • Building Research Network of research universities
  • Building a library of research papers as a resource for AFRA members – these are posted on the members page of AFRA’s website
  • Starting research project(s) and is in process of collecting proposals from Research Network organizations
  • Engagement with allied industry organizations, Remanufacturing Industries Council (RIC), REMADE Institute, etc.

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