Get Accredited

Want to get accredited?

AFRA offers five accreditation types to meet your business expertise: DemolitionDisassembly, Contracted Disassembly, Recycling, and Contracted Recycling.

The Accreditation Process

Contact AFRA Client Services with any questions about the accreditation process.

  • Review the AFRA BMP
    • Review the AFRA BMP which will be used for the audit of your facility.
  • Apply for Accreditation
  • Complete the Checklist
    • All companies will be required to complete the applicable Audit Checklist in order to have the application accepted by AFRA.
  • Schedule Your Audit
    • Once your application has been accepted, AFRA staff will work with your company and the auditor to set up your audit date. The date will vary depending on availability.
    • Your company is responsible for the auditor’s travel fees associated with your audit. However, when audits are scheduled in tandem with other nearby companies, you may be able to share travel fees with other companies being audited.

Current Accreditation Fee Structure

  • For any one (1) accreditation subset, the Accreditation fee will remain the same as the previous Single Accreditation fee of $7,000 (plus travel auditor expenses).
  • For any combination of two (2) accreditation subsets, the Accreditation fee will remain the same as the previous Dual Accreditation fee of $9,400 (plus travel auditor expenses).
    • The one exception to the above is that for any company that is Accredited for both Disassembly and Demolition, the Accreditation fee will remain $7,000 because of the unique relationship between the aforementioned.
  • For any combination of three (3) Accreditation subsets, the third subset will be assessed at a flat-cost of $975 added to $9,400 (with the exception to Disassembly & Demolition).
  • When remitting payment for the initial accreditation, you will be invoiced for one-half of your Accreditation fee and one-quarter at each surveillance audit.

Accreditation Facts 

  • Certificate is valid for three (3) years.
  • The initial accreditation period consists of a total of three (3) years.
  • AFRA will contact you to schedule an on-site audit.
  • It is not required for a disassembly to be witnessed during the initial audit.
  • If the initial audit does not take place during a disassembly, one of the surveillance audits must coincide with a disassembly.
  • Company must provide the auditor with the completed Quality Manual and Checklist relevant to the audit by two weeks prior.
  • Accredited companies that are not currently AFRA members may join as a member with a discount of 50% off of the first year dues and a waived join fee.
  • Company is responsible for travel expenses incurred for each audit.