AFRA Announces Newly Elected Board of Directors and Officers


Washington, DC (22 July 2019) – The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) announced the election of three new members to its Board of Directors during the Association’s Annual Meeting on (more…)

Washington, DC (Thursday, April 18, 2019) – The Aircraft Fleet Recycling Association (AFRA) is pleased to announce the official BMP accreditation program roll-out of version 4.0. Over the past year, the (more…)

For most airlines and other aircraft owners, limited experience is available on managing aircraft decommissioning as a controlled process. This is why IATA has developed guidance with a multi-stakeholder aircraft decommissioning industry group, (more…)

Seattle, Washington (December 5, 2018) – Boeing and ELG Carbon Fibre today announced a partnership to recycle excess aerospace-grade composite material, which will be used by other companies to make products such (more…)

MRO Network – December 5, 2018 “Fly-em till they drop” has been the rule in the past few years as traffic growth and moderate oil prices have kept older jets in (more…)

New York Times – July 16, 2018 – From the Sky to Your Home, Plane Parts Get a Second Life   (more…)

Orlando, Florida (April 10 to 12, 2018) – In an undisputed world’s first, Universal Asset Management (UAM) has completely recycled carbon fiber from commercial aircraft. This monumental milestone in sustainability (more…)

There may be no airliner as recognizable as the Boeing 747,the world’s first jumbo jet, with its iconic hump of an upper deck. For aviation fans, the introduction of the (more…)

At its launch today, the Conseil Européen de Remanufacture (European Remanufacturing Council) announced its plans to represent companies which produce €30 billion of remanufactured products and employ 190,000 people across (more…)

The safe and responsible recycling of commercial aircraft is one of the main challenges facing the global aviation industry. With around 12,000 commercial aircraft to be decommissioned over the next (more…)